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Architecture requires a license or registration. Most modern countries require government issued architect licensing to help ensure public safety. Graduating with an accredited university degree is the first requirement, but there is more. A graduate must pass regulatory exams and gain work experience prior to receiving an architecture license.

Technology and Business

Architect St Petersburg FL imageAn architect often combines technical knowledge, management skills, and business understanding to execute a successful building project. A property owner or manager will commonly hire an architect for a building project. The project may consist of site surveys, environmental impact reports, designing of a building and surrounding property, general contractor management, and more. The architect attempts to interpret a client’s desires by producing drafts and image renderings of the proposed project. When project concepts are approved, the architect will often supervise the concept’s construction. The architect will usually communicate with sub-contractors  throughout the entire project. The architect will often hire and co-ordinate with sub-contractors to complete the construction of the building design.

Client Liason

Architect St Petersburg FL spiral stair imageAn architect  is obligated to meet the requirements of the client while producing a facility that complies with local architecture laws. The client and the architect will meet or conference many times to define the client’s vision for the project. The information gathered from these meetings provides the criteria necessary to formulate a construction plan. The architect translates the client’s ideas into a practical construction plan, which will become the guide for the entire project.

Licensed architect implies that an individual can legally practice in the locale independent of a supervising license. Numerous terms are used to sub classy various architect types. For example, “building design professional” is broad terminology professions such as architectural assistants, technologists and interns. These individuals assist a licensed architecture. Non-licensed people may operate as a building design professional without licensed supervision for projects that are not regulated by locale regulations, such as small structures.

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