FL License AA 0002701

Inbar Architect is a Professional Architect Licensed throughout the US and Internationally.  With over 30 years of experience and 950 projects, Inbar Architect’s design solution gives clients a rich experience, by enhancing space, view, and light.

Yehuda Inbar has led the way in Architecture across South and Central Florida. With his unique approach of combining beauty and function, Yehuda has been able to design amazing structures in many different arenas including Hospitality, Office & Medical Buildings, Industrial, Residential, Retail, Houses of Worship, Education & Research Facilities. He has designed creative and highly functional space for National Companies such as Holiday Inn, Denny’s, Dental Care Alliance (DCA), Shoney’s, YMCA, and Diocese of Venice to name a few. Inbar Architect if the go-to designer if you’re looking to collaborate with a creative, efficient hands-on Architect.

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  • Site selection: The Architect will meet and help the Owner with the Site selection.
  • Architect Services: Design and Construction Administration.
  • Architect’s Basic Services include usual and customary structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services.
  • The Architect shall manage the Architect’s services, consult with the Owner research applicable design criteria, attend Project meetings, communicate with members of the Project team and report progress to the Owner.
  • The Architect shall contact the governmental authorities required to approve the Construction Documents and the entities providing utility services to the Project.
  • The Architect shall assist with filing documents required for permit.
  • The Architect shall present its preliminary evaluation to the Owner and shall discuss with the Owner alternative approaches to design and construction of the project, including the incorporation of enviromentally responsible design approaches.
  • The Architect shall consider the value of alternative materials, building systems and equipment, together with the Owner’s program, schedule and budget.
  • The Architect shall develop the Construction Documents including Drawings and Specifications.
  • The Architect shall assist the Owner in obtaining either competitive bids or negotiated proposals from builders / contractors.
  • The Architect shall provide administration of the contract between the Owner and the builder / contractor.
  • The Architect shall advise and consult with the Owner and the builder / contractor during the construction Phase.
  • Architect shall provide a review to the Owner builder / contractor one year after CO
  • Interior Design & Remodeling  Remodeling and Home Design