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September 15, 2016

BUILD, LLC has been chosen to build a custom family retreat on Manasota Key. Manasota Key, a quiet island south of Venice, is known to have “Florida’s least crowded best beaches.” This two-story modern style home designed by Inbar Architecture, will be situated on a two-acre wooded lot with panoramic views of Lemon Bay. Included within the property is a private island with boat and fishing docks.

This custom home will be constructed with green features as well as LEED certification. Built for multi-family entertainment, this sanctuary has eight suites with four on each floor. The upstairs suites are complete with exposed air balconies. An open living area features a kitchen, dining, family, and living room. The living room contains a game table for nightly entertainment. Additional leisure activity can be found upstairs in the art studio. This home offers spacious storage with its golf bag cabinet, fishing gear cabinet, bicycle and general storage.

Green features include solar paneling, a tankless gas water heater, HVAC equipment, well, and pool/spa heating.

Outdoor amenities are comprised of a garden, swimming and kid’s pool, fire pit, and a pool cabana that offers a BBQ kitchen, bar and an all-purpose lounging room.

Yehuda Inbar. a talented architect based out of Sarasota, is known for his unique approach of combining beauty and function.

BUILD LLC is an award winning General Contractor with experience in remodeling and building custom homes throughout Florida.

Sarasota Magazine

Williams Residence

By: Bob Plunket
August 2014

This month, Bob Plunket gives us a peek into one of downtown Sarasota’s hottest pieces of real estate: A Tuscan-style bayfront home. In Sarasota, they say it’s all about the view, a point this 8,500-square-foot home on prestigious Bay Point Drive proves once and for all. Step into the two-story living area and there it is—the downtown skyline, surprisingly close, with the perfect arch of the Ringling Bridge to your left and the tropical greenery of Selby Gardens to your right.

In a word, breathtaking.

The home, designed by Sarasota architect Yehuda Inbar, presents a Tuscan-inspired façade to the world, with a grand exterior staircase complete with a pond, and a columned loggia overlooking manicured gardens—perhaps the nicest on a street known for its gardens. Once inside, the main living area rises more than 20 feet in height, culminating with a wooden ceiling. Floors are also wood, with marble and tile insets. French doors lead out to a terrace overlooking an infinity-edged lap pool and that incredible view. You and your guests can also admire it from an outdoor gazebo, complete with fireplace, or from the deep-water dock.

If the exterior of the home suggests Italy, the interior is a more contemporary mix of traditional styles. The kitchen is particularly elegant. Tucked away at one end of the living area, it features a semicircular dining booth for informal meals and an array of high-end appliances. There seems to be two or three of everything, all clad in walnut paneling. An antique butcher block counter top adds an old-fashioned touch.
Williams Colonnade into Living Room
The master bedroom (complete with kitchenette) is located on the main level, as is the wood-paneled office, from which a circular stairway leads up to a very private library. There are three more bedrooms on the upper level, each with its own bath and a shared gathering area, perfect for visiting grandchildren. The lower level contains parking for eight cars and extensive storage.

It is often said that Harbor Acres is the best area in town. Not so. That honor goes to the small peninsula to the north, where our Home of the Month is located. Here you’ll find serious Old Florida money, including the Lindsay family of Herald-Tribune fame and our former Congresswoman, Katherine Harris. This home more than holds its own with the neighbors—opulent yet discreet, a real Sarasota classic.

Appold Family Retreat

Appold Residence Rendering

Appold Residence Rendering


Great Room with Adjacent Family Suites

Great Room with Adjacent Family Suites


Girl/Boy Bunk Rooms with Lofts and Laundry Room

Girl/Boy Bunk Rooms with Lofts and Laundry Room

Family compound situated on two acre wooded lot with Panoramic view of Lemon Bay, Manasota Key – designed to create an Educational and Playful Atmosphere. Includes a Private Island with Boat and Fishing Docks. 5 adult suites and 2 separate quarters for grandchildren, Universal Design with ADA ramp for Grandpa’s golf cart access. Pool intersects interior hallway and incorporates Spa. Cabana includes exterior BBQ Kitchen, all purpose lounging room which is easily converted to 5th suite – it overlooks pool and vista with a enclosed viewing tower on the rooftop. Location of treehouse yet to be decided.


Inbar Architect

Architecture requires a license or registration. Most modern countries require government issued architect licensing to help ensure public safety. Graduating with an accredited university degree is the first requirement, but there is more. A graduate must pass regulatory exams and gain work experience prior to receiving an architecture license.

Technology and Business

Architect St Petersburg FL imageAn architect often combines technical knowledge, management skills, and business understanding to execute a successful building project. A property owner or manager will commonly hire an architect for a building project. The project may consist of site surveys, environmental impact reports, designing of a building and surrounding property, general contractor management, and more. The architect attempts to interpret a client’s desires by producing drafts and image renderings of the proposed project. When project concepts are approved, the architect will often supervise the concept’s construction. The architect will usually communicate with sub-contractors  throughout the entire project. The architect will often hire and co-ordinate with sub-contractors to complete the construction of the building design.

Client Liason

Architect St Petersburg FL spiral stair imageAn architect  is obligated to meet the requirements of the client while producing a facility that complies with local architecture laws. The client and the architect will meet or conference many times to define the client’s vision for the project. The information gathered from these meetings provides the criteria necessary to formulate a construction plan. The architect translates the client’s ideas into a practical construction plan, which will become the guide for the entire project.

Licensed architect implies that an individual can legally practice in the locale independent of a supervising license. Numerous terms are used to sub classy various architect types. For example, “building design professional” is broad terminology professions such as architectural assistants, technologists and interns. These individuals assist a licensed architecture. Non-licensed people may operate as a building design professional without licensed supervision for projects that are not regulated by locale regulations, such as small structures.

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Inbar Architects

Architects Fort Myers FL imageWe are people trained and licensed in building design and construction. This process includes  planning, designing, and overall  management of a building’s construction. Architecture  commonly involves drafting blueprints and image renderings for a building construction project. Design services may also involve the development of adjacent property intended for human occupancy or use.

Architects Fort Myers FL : Professional Credentials

We are often responsible for property development that may affect public safety. Architects must earn a license via specialized training. Architect training consists of education and working experience to earn an architecture license. Academic requirements for licensing may vary depending upon resident jurisdiction.

Landscape Architecture

FFort Myers Architects imageort Myers architects often provide landscape architecture services in addition to building construction. Architects may also service specialty building construction for marine, science and industrial properties. Space is the newest frontier for architects. As space exploration and mining begins to open up to private enterprise, the demand for cosmic space architects will grow.

Historical Architecture

Architects in Fort Myers, FL share qualities with their ancestral brethren. Ancient architecture design and construction was performed by a talented mason or carpenter, whom had graduated to the role of master builder. The distinction between architect and engineer was unseen before the modern industrial revolution. European architects and engineers were terms that referred to the same person, often used interchangeably.

Fort Myers Architects waterfront imageArchitects Fort Myers FL are “gentleman” architects. The professional gentleman architect evolved separately from the artisan craftsman . Technology, mathematics tools, paper and pencils  became readily available by the 1500’s and 1600’s. These tools were used by design professionals to draft construction drawings. Innovations such as dimensional accuracy and three-dimensional concepts helped to improve the process of building construction. By the 1700’s professional architects were beginning to emerge as a recognized profession.

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Inbar Architects for your building project.

Naples Architects beach houses imageWe may be required if your project requires more than remodeling a kitchen or bath? An architect interprets design ideas as visual media, such as image renderings. A property owner can make construction decisions by viewing these concept renderings. A Naples architect will typically manage the entire process of building or renovating a property. This process may include blueprint designs, construction contracting, budgetary management, site permitting, and overall project management.

From concept to completion!

We commonly work best when they are involved in every phase of the building process, from first concept to final cosmetics. An architect is often the first contractor hired for a building project. Naples architects will typically help select the various building contractors necessary for the project, such as engineers, landscape architects, construction companies, etc. The negotiating of contracts for project tasks may also be performed by your architect. So, the relationship with your architect may be the most important part of the entire project.

We are client advocates.

We may help the client and a sub-contractor resolve issues. The architect will be the client’s advocate. The scope of work may include things a client may never have considered. Lot location may need environmental impact studies. Municipal zones may restrict building considerations. Special properties may require additional planning and permitting. This may include flood zones, coastal properties, preserves, etc.

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