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Architects Fort Myers FL

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Architects Fort Myers FL imageWe are people trained and licensed in building design and construction. This process includes  planning, designing, and overall  management of a building’s construction. Architecture  commonly involves drafting blueprints and image renderings for a building construction project. Design services may also involve the development of adjacent property intended for human occupancy or use.

Architects Fort Myers FL : Professional Credentials

We are often responsible for property development that may affect public safety. Architects must earn a license via specialized training. Architect training consists of education and working experience to earn an architecture license. Academic requirements for licensing may vary depending upon resident jurisdiction.

Landscape Architecture

FFort Myers Architects imageort Myers architects often provide landscape architecture services in addition to building construction. Architects may also service specialty building construction for marine, science and industrial properties. Space is the newest frontier for architects. As space exploration and mining begins to open up to private enterprise, the demand for cosmic space architects will grow.

Historical Architecture

Architects in Fort Myers, FL share qualities with their ancestral brethren. Ancient architecture design and construction was performed by a talented mason or carpenter, whom had graduated to the role of master builder. The distinction between architect and engineer was unseen before the modern industrial revolution. European architects and engineers were terms that referred to the same person, often used interchangeably.

Fort Myers Architects waterfront imageArchitects Fort Myers FL are “gentleman” architects. The professional gentleman architect evolved separately from the artisan craftsman . Technology, mathematics tools, paper and pencils  became readily available by the 1500’s and 1600’s. These tools were used by design professionals to draft construction drawings. Innovations such as dimensional accuracy and three-dimensional concepts helped to improve the process of building construction. By the 1700’s professional architects were beginning to emerge as a recognized profession.

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