Siesta Beach House


Yehuda Inbar has redefined cantilevered slabs with long distance spans. The result is a building that is light and airy, and carries it’s own load effortlessly. The building seems to defy gravity. Autonomy and flow were paramount goals in the design concept of 505 Beach Road. Interior spaces transcend cubes and rectangles, while flowing freely in undefined forms. Although the home is situated in a dense, residential neighborhood, the sweeping views capture only the Gulf of Mexico, as far as the eye can see. Conceptually, this home functions as a fortress of peace—capturing the natural light and essential beauty of the location while maintaining privacy in a highly trafficked area.

The site is a rounded, sweeping, curved corner lot on a narrow beach road. This challenge was met by adapting the shape of the dwelling to the shape of the property line. The free-flowing interior concept was, in fact, precluded by the natural lack of definition in the lot itself.

The owner’s program required doubling the dwelling units from a single-family dwelling into a two-family dwelling. This doubled the efficiency of the land. Designed vertically, rather than horizontally, each unit has on the ground level a private entry, garage, garden and shared swimming pool. The second level incorporates the kitchen, living room, dining room and laundry room. The third level incorporates the master bedroom, a master bath and additional bedroom/study. The fourth level includes the family room and second master bedroom that can be used as a mother-in-law suite. From that level, there is access to the roof.

This home includes several unique features. Energy efficiency is intrinsic with solar-powered hot water and vast natural light throughout. There is a roof viewing deck enclosed with a slim white aluminum rail so as not to obstruct the views. Wall-sized windows provide views from all living areas. Cantilevered overlays protect the extensive glass from sun and rain. There is an elevator from the garage to all levels of the house.