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Inbar Architecture , a multifaceted architectural firm, has over 30 years of experience creating more than 1000 architectural forms with healthy sustainable environments. 

Inbar Architecture give clients a rich experience focused on Holistic Design.  This is accomplished by embracing the complexities of the built environment through sustainability and use of ecologically-positive materials.  Nature follows certain rhythms and principles which express themselves in a language of shapes, harmonic ratios and geometric patterns of positive energy – all of which enhance the well being and health of the client.

Yehuda Inbar has led the way in Architecture across South and Central Florida. With his unique approach of combining beauty and function, Yehuda has been able to design amazing structures in many different arenas including Office & Medical Clinics, Restaurants, Industrial & Agricultural, Retail, Houses of Worship, Education & Research Facilities. He has designed creative and highly functional space for National Companies such as CAN Community Healthcare, Best Western, Dental Care Alliance (DCA), YMCA, and Diocese of Venice to name a few.  During project development, feedback from their clients help add appropriate details and stay true to their objectives as creative solutions are refined. Ultimately,  the success of a design solution is measured by the degree to which it improves the client’s business performance.   Yehuda Inbar is the go-to designer if you’re looking to collaborate with a creative, efficient,  hands-on Architect.

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